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Thank you for all your help and direction this past weekend. You had a thorough presentation and it was definitely the best experience Iíve had training, from the quality of your presentation to all the tools you offered, including the extra gifts. Thank you again.
Ryan W

Thank you also for your email below but mostly for being a great instructor. You were thorough in your presentation, knew your material and told just enough "war stories" to make it fun, interesting and personal. I know I mentioned this publicly in the class but you set a great standard of generosity in the material you provided (and didn't have to)Öand was very much appreciated. Thanks for everything.
Dean S

Thanks again for the professional job presenting the instructor course this weekend. I fired off a short email to USCCA HQ today just to let them know their training counselor is maintaining high standards.
Douglas P

Last weekend I became a USCCA instructor and think it is a superior course for people that are looking for more than just the basic requirements. Even their basic course is much more focused on real word. Obviously the USCCA is not a big as the NRA but is well established in the South and Midwest. The best part is the instructor teaches in 100% in the class room so the students don't show up with attitude they just learned everything on-line so "now just give me the gun and let me shoot". post

Once again, I wanted to thank you for taking your time (and guns) for presenting today's class. It's great to have someone who can give distinct clear answers that address the changes that have taken place in recent years. I highlighted the printed pages that you gave us in addition to taking many notes about material that just was not in the book.
I have been concerned about many new members (I belong to several clubs) who have recently purchased guns and don't have anyone to work with them. I believe that with the knowledge that I gained today, I will be in a much more informed position to gently work with them and demonstrate proper safety. As a retired college professor, I know first hand how difficult it can be to present material clearly in addition to keeping everyone's attention. If I was grading your presentation, you got an "A." Please let me know if you ever need a reference or if there is anything I can ever do to help you in your endeavors.
Joel W

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