Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Course
Concealed Carry Reciprocal agreement with up to 36 states for New Hampshire Permit Holders and 33 for Massachusetts LTC’s (31 without). Concealed Firearms Permit valid for 5 years. The Utah Concealed Firearm Permit class is about 4 hours long. It is highly recommended that candidates for this class have prior understanding of how to handle a firearm.
This permit allows non-residents of Utah to be able to carry a concealed handgun in Utah as well as the other 30 states that will honor this very permit! This is the ideal permit to have if you travel to different states.

Cost: $100.00

Includes: 4-hour classroom instruction on gun safety, concealed carry and Utah Laws
Utah Pistol Permit Application (& assistance with filling out the application)
Your Photos taken on-site (required for the permit application)
Fingerprinting provided on-site (required for permit application)
Course Outline provided on CD
Photocopy of your photo ID (provided on site)
Pre-Addressed Envelope to mail your application to the State of Utah

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